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Some things have changed.

But not the most important things.


Now that we live in a time of wireless connections and Internet social networking, things have changed. The old country hardware store is hardly mentioned anymore. But the same concept of the community store is alive and well here at Howard’s Ace Hardware. We just do it faster than they did back then. Read more...




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Many of our customers who shop at Howard’s Ace Hardware appreciate the help they receive with there projects. They often come back with pictures showing us how their project turned out. We enjoy assisting you with projects you can be proud of and appreciate seeing the results. Thank You for sharing.

Now you can post pictures and videos of all your projects online. You can also tell us all about it. Just click on the arrow above and go to “My Ace Community. Thank You!

Howard’s Ace Hardware

3111 E. Indian School Rd.

Phoenix, Arizona 85016


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   * Automotive Chip Key Cutting

   * Carpet Cleaning Machine Rental

   * Computerized Paint-Color Matching

   * Delivery of large items purchased

   * Gift Card

   * Glass Repair

   * Glass and Acrylic Cutting

   * Knife Sharpening

   * In Store Lock Servicing

   * Installation

   * Key Cutting

   * Pipe Cutting & Threading

   * Screen Repair



Howard’s ACE is the Place!

A convenient place to shop. We get you in and out so you can spend more time on your projects. Always with a friendly smile to make your day go better.

3111 E Indian School Rd Phoenix, AZ 85016

(602) 952-0058

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